Our State-of-the-art Mobile Salon

We come to you with state of the art vans that are completely self contained, using their own water and power supply. They are climate controlled and equipped with everything we need to give your precious dog or cat the best stress-free grooming experience available.

One-on-one grooming

Your pet enjoys a one-on-one grooming session with a professional groomer from head to tail, start to finish, so you can be sure that your pet is in the best care at all times.

No Cages

Your pet is the only pet in the van so there are no cages, barking, background distractions or phone rings – what allows us to concentrate only on our current furry client, and deliver the best results.

Time saving experience

Mobile pet grooming is not only a convenient and time saving experience, but also a way of life. Once you choose Emerald Pet Beauty grooming service you will quickly get used to a routine of grooming, baths and maintenance to keep your pet clean and well groomed without the hassle of driving twice to the grooming salon.